We are the American Pit bull Foundation

We are a strong, passionate, and dedicated team of volunteers who work day-in and day-out together to help educate and provide resources for responsible breed ownership.


Sara Enos
Founder & CEO

Jonathan Peebles
Director of Development

Maria Tullo
Adoptions Coordinator

Cody Calp
Lead Trainer

René Fielder
Director of Marketing

Neya Warren Hartmeyer
Outreach Director

Michelle Haines
Adoption Services, Outreach


Philisha Orr
Veterinary Partner Program

Morgan Hayes

Shayne Gordon
CGC Certifier, Therapy Handler

Wayne Boulay
Handler & Volunteer Mentor

Calley Gerber

Josh Coppedge
Pit Bull Socials Club

Board of Directors

Nick Ondrako, Chairman Wayne Boulay
Sara Enos Dr. Jason Scott

Positions Needed